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At Advaita Innovation Labs (AIL-India), we're renowned for our outstanding content creativity and impeccable production quality. Leveraging data-driven strategies, we craft content that ensures your message reaches its intended audience with precision.

We present a curated selection of the finest content platforms to elevate your brand. Whether you're targeting OTT services, mainstream TV networks, or diverse social media channels, we've got the perfect solution tailored for you.

Content Creation 

Content fuels brand marketing, building connections, trust, and visibility in a crowded digital landscape.

Content Distribution

Distribution amplifies content impact, reaching wider audiences beyond your ecosystem

Easy Streaming across OTT & other media

OTTs, TV, and social media: crucial networks for widespread content distribution, maximizing reach and impact.

Stories that matter

Embrace impactful visual stories for maximum brand resonance and audience connection.

We created content series that are reshaping India's narrative in the global stage

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Brands of Tomorrow 

1.8 crores impression.
90 minutes of inspired storytelling

For years, the narrative surrounding India's new-age brands has been laden with jargon, making it inaccessible for everyday family viewing. Yet, the tale of an entrepreneur innovating for transformative change is a compelling one that deserves wide attention.

These are not just tales of commerce, but sagas of real disruptors who, through their innovations, not only establish brands but empower millions while influencing billions. Witness the captivating stories of brand creation and the pioneers behind them. Introducing "Brands of Tomorrow India," exclusively on Disney Hotstar. Experience the journeys of those shaping the future.

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Gods of Gourmet

Nine finest fine dining restaurants
135 minutes of unheard stories

In a country renowned for its diverse culinary traditions, ‘Gods of Gourmet’ goes beyond the ordinary and takes viewers on a journey that explores the extraordinary. From the sumptuous royal kitchens of Rajasthan to the vibrant flavours of Gujarat, from the mountains of Thailand to the Andean hills of Peru, the show promises to unveil the grandeur and variety in India’s fine dining landscape, rarely seen before in the world.

With a focus on opulence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of culinary perfection, ‘Gods of Gourmet’ celebrates the visionary chefs who have transformed dining into an art form. Each episode reveals the secrets behind the dishes, the inspirations behind the flavours, and the dedication that has earned these restaurants their exalted status.

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